ColourPop Queen Cobra & Rattler Ultra Glossy Lips Reviews

Queen Cobra

Colour Pop Queen Cobra Ultra Glossy Lip is a light-medium, peachy gold with strong, warm undertones and a sparkling, multi-colored finish that was complemented by high-shine. The consistency was smooth, plush, and more like a creamy gel, as it cushioned my lips but didn’t feel heavy or tacky–it also ensured that I didn’t feel the sparkles when I pressed my lips together.

It had sheerer coverage from the base color, while the shimmer gave it more of a semi-sheer effect, which was mostly in line with how it was marketed (it wasn’t “subtle” shimmer, though). It wore well for three hours and was moisturizing over time.


Colour Pop Rattler Ultra Glossy Lip is a deeper peach with warm, brownish undertones and a cream finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation in a single layer, which was slightly more coverage than the “medium” coverage it was described as having.

The texture was lightweight, smooth, and spreadable without being tacky or thick, which made it comfortable to apply. I usually find that this formula camouflages and softened my vertical lip lines, this particular shade did not. I experienced very slight settling into my deeper lip lines, and it was hard to keep it from looking streaky along the edges or if I pressed my lips together. It stayed on well for three hours and felt hydrating while worn.