ColourPop Pressed, Venus Slipper, U Grow Girl Colour Stix


ColourPop Pressed Metallic Colour Stix is a brighter, medium berry with cool undertones and a metallic sheen. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation that applied fairly evenly, though it was a thinner, slightly clingier formula so it wasn’t as comfortable to apply and to layer up on the lid (but was more comfortable as an eyeliner). It lasted for seven hours before creasing on me.

Venus Slipper

ColourPop Venus Slipper Metallic Colour Stix has a deeper, warm plum base with dirty bronze sparkle throughout. The sparkles were large enough to make it harder to apply the color evenly and smoothly as they tended to clump up on themselves as I tried to build up the coverage. This was more workable as an eyeliner than an all-over lid product as it was too quick to dry down, so it was difficult to diffuse the edge and get an even application of color. It stayed on well for six and a half hours before creasing on me.

U Grow Girl

ColourPop U Grow Girl Matte Colour Stix is a rich burgundy with cooler undertones and a matte finish. I’ve found this occurs with cream-based burgundy hues but it darkens substantially as the color is built up, which often results in unevenness, like it did with this product. The texture was lightly creamy, denser, and almost tacky, and the latter seemed to make it harder to get a really smooth, even level of coverage. It was incredibly difficult to blend out at all on the lid; it could work for a starker, more defined shape but not for something that you wanted to soften along the edges. The color wore for seven hours before creasing on me.