ColourPop Of Quartz Pressed Glitters

Crystal Cave

ColourPop Crystal Cave Pressed Glitter is a bright, light peach with warmer, more orange-leaning undertones and flecks of iridescent glitter particles. The base color was more apparent, which gave it a more even application with less effort, and it did not contain as much glitter as other shades, so there wasn’t as much fallout/migration during application or throughout wear. It blended out without much effort and lasted around seven and a half hours on me.

Get Clarity

ColourPop Get Clarity Pressed Glitter had a darker, golden pewter base with darker gold flecks of glitter throughout. It had a noticeable base color and wasn’t as full of glitter as the other shades. It had mostly opaque, buildable color coverage with a slightly drier texture–if it had more slip, it would have went on more evenly and had less fallout. I did not personally wear it on the eye (as it’s not adhesive enough on its own), but as a cheek product, there was migration of glitter particles visible after seven hours.


ColourPop Cabana Pressed Glitter has a transparent base chocked full of multi-colored small-particle glitter; it was dominated by shades of darker and mid-tone pink but also seemed to have mint and pale blue pieces. The texture was more loosely-pressed and seemed almost dry to the touch, though that might have been just due to the chunkier glitter pieces (compared to a typical shimmer eyeshadow, which has finer particles). It had some adhesion on its own, though I wouldn’t say all-day wear as marketed, and there was definitely a moderate amount of fallout/migration after six to seven hours of wear. It felt less emollient than past releases of the brand’s pressed glitters, though it was more “pigmented” from the amount of glitter particles.

Note, this product contains plastic (PET) glitter and is not intended for use around the eye area.