ColourPop Nook Inc Pressed Powder Quad 


Nook Inc

ColourPop Nook Inc Pressed Powder Quad is a new, limited edition aqua/teal-themed quad that includes one pressed glitter and three eyeshadows. This, along with the rest of the Animal Crossing collaboration, launch January 28th at 10AM PT on ColourPop’s website and February 14th at Ulta.

I wish the brand had included a Super Shock Shadow instead of a glitter, since I think they can achieve a similar look and feel with that, which would have made the palette more versatile and appeal to a broader audience. It’s harder to find these cooler-toned kind of shades, so they might be worth the effort for some, but they were not the best or easiest-applying shadows that the brand has released.

Yes Yes

Yes Yes is a light, bluish-aqua with cool undertones and a frosted sheen. It had a lightly creamy consistency that was more loosely-pressed into the pan. I found it easiest to apply with a fingertip as the base had enough slip that a brush seemed more prone to pushing it around and made the end result less even. It had mostly opaque color payoff that was buildable. It stayed on well for eight hours before fading noticeably.

Made in the Shade

Made in the Shade is a light-medium, minty green with cooler undertones and flecks of silver sparkle over a matte finish. It had opaque pigmentation with a slightly firmer consistency in the pan, so it wasn’t powdery but did require a slightly firmer hand to pick up evenly onto a brush. The sparkles resulted in light fallout during application as well. It lasted decently for eight hours with slight fallout over time.

ColourPop CEO Pressed Glitter

ColourPop CEO Pressed Glitter



CEO has a translucent base with a mix of silvery-white, finer-particle glitter along with multi-colored fine glitter that seemed to be a mix of coral, orange, and lavender. This shade has plastic (PET) glitter and is not intended for usage on the eye area. It had a smooth, creamier consistency that was a touch tacky and did hold the glitter suspended it in well, so there was minimal fallout during application. This shade had decent dispersion, though not as stellar as some of the brand’s other shades, and had semi-sheer to medium “coverage.” It wore well for eight hours with light migration over time as a cheek product.

Water Landing

Water Landing is a medium-dark, blue-leaning teal with cooler undertones and a matte finish. The texture was slightly thinner and drier to the touch, but it was yielding enough to be blendable on bare skin. It had mostly opaque, buildable pigmentation that stayed on nicely for eight hours before fading visibly.