ColourPop No Joke & Set Free So Glass Lip Glosses

No Joke

ColourPop No Joke So Glassy Lip Gloss is a medium-dark, somewhat warmed-up pink foundation with lighter pink glitter all around. The combination of the foundation and the shimmer provided semi-sheer to medium coverage that applied evenly and easily across my lips. The consistency was slightly sticky and heavier than standard ColourPop gloss formulations, but it did a good job of smoothing out my lip wrinkles. It was moisturizing and remained on well for four hours.

Set Free

ColourPop Set Free So Glassy Lip Gloss had a softly gold-tinted base hue that was filled with multicolored shimmer and glitter, however it was frequently a combination of copper, greenish-gold, and pink. In person, it was incredibly captivating since it was dazzling, glossy, and nearly duochromatic due to the way the sheen varied. The texture was smooth, light-medium in weight and feel, and had some tackiness, which guaranteed that the shimmers were not felt when I squeezed my lips together. It lasted four and a half hours and became hydrating with time.