ColourPop Love Bite & Double Cherry Glossy Lip Stains


Love Bite

ColourPop Love Bite Glossy Lip Stain is a rich, medium-dark red with cooler, pink undertones and a soft sheen. The glossiness that it had from the very initial laydown of product disappeared as the formula dried down a bit. The texture was more watery, thin, and very spreadable initially and then developed into something thinner, clingier, and significantly less watery/emollient after thirty seconds or so. The product stained somewhat, as it definitely lingered and wore well (six hours), but it wasn’t enough of a stain to really endure through even a light meal. The formula was non-drying and flattering to wear as it did not emphasize my lip lines or lip texture. It had medium, buildable pigmentation, just as marketed.

Double Cherry

ColourPop Double Cherry Glossy Lip Stain is a bright, medium red with neutral-to-warm undertones and a natural sheen. It was glossier initially, but the formula has a moderate dry down where the more watery consistency became less watery, slightly clingier, and had more of a satiny sheen. I found that the initial glossiness really disappeared within an hour or so, so it had a true satin finish for most of its life. It had medium pigmentation, which was buildable to mostly opaque coverage, and the color applied evenly across my lips, though I’d recommend using a lighter hand as the applicator picked up a lot more product than I needed. It lasted for six hours, and there was some staining power, but it was a weaker stain that couldn’t make it through a meal at all (disappeared entirely except for a ring around the edges of my lips).