ColourPop Labelle of the Ball Pressed Powder Quad


Labelle of the Ball

ColourPop Labelle of the Ball Pressed Powder Quad is a new, limited edition pink-purple foursome that includes one pressed glitter, ome pressed pigment, and two eyeshadows. This, along with the rest of the Animal Crossing collaboration, launch January 28th at 10AM PT on ColourPop’s website and February 14th at Ulta. I wish the brand had included a Super Shock Shadow instead of a glitter, since I think they can achieve a similar look and feel with that, which would have made the palette more versatile and appeal to a broader audience. The two more matte shades were either drier or more powdery, while the shimmer shade was a bit loose, so this palette will work best for someone who uses eyeshadow primer and doesn’t mind fallout during application.

ColourPop Able Sisters Pressed Glitter

ColourPop Able Sisters Pressed Glitter

Able Sisters

Able Sisters has a translucent base with flecks of silvery-white glitter and iridescent, more pastel-colored glitter. This shade contains plastic (PET) glitter and comes with the warning that it is not intended for the eye area. The texture was more emollient–one could press and move the product around with enough pressure–with light tackiness and decent adhesion on its own. The one area that I think the brand’s pressed glitters excel is in their ability to disperse evenly without a lot of work. It had medium coverage–and the formula is inconsistent in coverage, which is why it’d be nice if they had clear descriptions!–that had good dispersion and lasted for eight hours with light fallout as a cheek highlighter.

Tailors Ticket

Tailors Ticket is a medium, pinky-lavender with subtle, warm undertones and flecks of silver sparkle over a matte finish. Those silver sparkles did not bind with the base, so they tended to fallout or get trapped in one’s brush–though as a result, very little transferred and so there was not much in the way of potential for fallout. The consistency was soft, a little thinner and drier to the touch, but surprisingly, it wasn’t as powdery as it could have been. It had mostly opaque, buildable pigmentation that wore well for eight hours.

ColourPop Custom Design Pressed Powder Shadow
ColourPop Custom Design Pressed Powder Shadow

Custom Design

Custom Design has a medium, reddish-plum base with moderate, warmer undertones and aqua-blue to blue, pearly shift. It had nearly opaque pigmentation with a soft, more loosely-pressed consistency that applied with the least fallout using a dampened brush or a fingertip. The shift was more noticeable when applied those ways, too. It stayed on decently for eight hours before fading noticeably.

Serene Sable

Serene Sable is a medium purple with subtle, warm pink undertones and a matte finish. The consistency was somewhat powdery with a tendency for fallout and a bit of sheering out when applied to bare skin or over an eyeshadow primer. It had opaque color coverage initially, and it was blendable, so you’ll just want to build up coverage and ensure to use a primer underneath for maximum opacity/color trueness. It lasted for eight hours before fading a bit.