ColourPop Infinite & Lucid Dreams So Glass Lip Glosses


ColourPop Infinite So Glassy Lip Gloss is a soft, almost milky peach foundation with bigger pink, purple, and gold sparkles. Despite the increased particle size, the gloss base was thicker and tackier (though not heavy or goopy in my opinion), thus the gloss never felt gritty when wearing it. It was semi-sheer with a thin sprinkling of glitter that was dispersed quite evenly. This color lasted three and a half hours and became hydrating with time.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams by ColorPop So Glassy Lip Gloss featured a transparent foundation that was packed with of multi-colored shimmer and subtle sparkle–mostly ice lavender but with undertones of lime green, lemony gold, and blue–that really dazzled in person. Because of the shimmer, it had semi-sheer to medium “coverage”. The gloss was somewhat sticky and heavier than previous formulations from the brand, but it was easy to wear and didn’t highlight my lip wrinkles or texture. It was comfortable to wear for four and a half hours and felt hydrating over time.