ColourPop In the Limelight Eyeshadow Palette

In the Limelight

The ColourPop In the Limelight 9-Pan Pressed Powder Palette is a new green-themed eyeshadow palette with nine shades, five matte and four shimmer. The quality was good, though it seemed drier and powderier for more mattes than previous palettes I’d tried from the brand in the previous year.

Star Power

The color Star Power is a light whitish-beige with a soft pearl finish. It had a soft, lightly emollient consistency that spread evenly when applied with a fingertip but was uneven when applied with a brush. On me, the eyeshadow had a semi-opaque, buildable coverage and lasted about seven and a half hours.

Almost Famous

Almost Famous has a matte finish and is a medium greenish-yellow with subtle warm undertones. It had a thin, dusty consistency to it, but it was blendable and didn’t have a lot of visible fallout. The pigmentation was mostly opaque and buildable, and it lasted for seven hours before fading.


Miami is a bright chartreuse green with a matte finish and warmer, yellower undertones. Because the texture was slightly drier and powdery, it didn’t work as well with drier skin. It was mostly opaque and lasted for seven and a half hours before fading noticeably.


Debut is a darker peach with warm undertones that lean slightly pink and a matte finish. With a light powderiness in the pan, the texture was smooth, velvety, and blendable. On me, it provided opaque color coverage that lasted for eight hours.


Booked is a vibrant lime green with a rich metallic sheen. It had a smooth, moderately dense texture that was lightly emollient but not too slippery, and it blended well. It stayed put for eight hours before visibly fading.


Playdate is a metallic chartreuse with hints of olive and a bright golden hue. The eyeshadow had a smooth, lightly emollient texture that wasn’t too thick or thin, and it had opaque pigmentation. It lasted for about eight hours before starting to fade.

After Party

After Party is a bright lime green with a matte finish and subtle, warmer undertones. Because the texture was soft, powdery, and a little dry, there was some fallout when first applied, but it blended out fairly well. To avoid darkening around the edges, I would apply it over a drier/more matte base. It lasted for eight hours before becoming visibly faded.


Palms is a light to medium chartreuse green with a darker, greener base and a lighter, more golden shimmer. The consistency was slightly slick and thicker than usual, resulting in some “crumbliness.” To avoid fallout and achieve more opaque coverage, it was best applied with a dampened fingertip or a dampened brush and pressed onto the lid. It lasted about eight hours on me before noticeably fading.

Lay Out

Lay Out is a matte-finish, muted medium-dark olive green with strong, warm olive undertones. In the pan, it had a soft, blendable consistency with a slight powderiness. The eyeshadow provided opaque color coverage, applied evenly, and lasted for eight hours before fading.