ColourPop Hot Headed, Sad But True, Puppies!!! Ultra Glossy Lips Reviews & Swatches

Hot Headed

Colour Pop Hot Headed Ultra Glossy Lip is a bright burst of tangerine orange with pink-to-peach shifting pearl that gave it a soft, metallic sheen. It had medium coverage, though it was intended to be full coverage, that applied somewhat evenly but could have adhered better to my top lip. There was a slight amount of product that sat in my deeper lip lines but wasn’t noticeable from a normal viewing distance. The texture was smooth, lightweight, and slightly tacky but comfortable to wear over the four hours it stayed on well for. The formula felt lightly hydrating over time.

Sad But True

Colour Pop Sad But True Ultra Glossy Lip has a translucent base with very fine, lavender and blue pearl. It seemed to bring out the pink tones in my natural lip color and made them appear a bit darker while adding a fine smattering of lavender and blue pearl. It had a very smooth, lightweight, and thin texture that was comfortable to wear and easy to apply. It had sheer coverage, as marketed, that went on evenly and didn’t emphasize my lip lines. It lasted for three hours and was lightly moisturizing while worn.


Colour Pop Puppies!!! Ultra Glossy Lip is a soft, sparkling beige with warm undertones and a more translucent base. It had sheer coverage with a semi-sheer level of sparkle/shimmer (which is how the finish is intended to be). The base seemed to lighten and add subtle warmth to my natural lip color, but it didn’t enhance the unevenness of my natural lip and did smooth out my lip lines. It had a lightweight, smooth consistency that was non-sticky and lasted for two and a half hours on me but was hydrating over time.