ColourPop Heavy Metal Super Shock Shadow Trio Review & Swatches


Heavy Metal

Colour Pop Heavy Metal Super Shock Shadow Trio is a new trio that launched alongside Smoke Show a few weeks ago. All three shades have been released before, though I haven’t tested them in awhile, so it seemed like the right time to re-test. They performed in line with most Super Shock Shadows; pigmented, long-wearing, and had the signature spongy texture that went from cream-to-powder once they came into contact with the skin. Tassel had enough sparkle in it that it was a bit sheerer and had a touch of fallout during application.


Tassel is a soft white with warm undertones and a sparkling finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation; the base color was more of a translucent white with heavier sparkle and shimmer, so it often read as more opaque than it was.

The texture was lightly emollient but felt a touch drier, likely due to the amount of sparkle in it, and there was a bit of fallout when I blended out the product on my lid. It applied better with fingertips than synthetic brushes, which sometimes yielded patchy application. The color lasted nicely for 10 hours with slight fallout over time but no issues with creasing.


Liberty is a bright, medium silver with cool undertones and a metallic sheen. It was intensely pigmented with a smooth, creamy texture that was emollient and wet to the touch, but it applied beautifully with even coverage and excellent adhesion. Sometimes, more emollient formulas can sheer out too readily, but I didn’t have that problem with this shade–but it was still blendable along the edges and could be sheered out as more of a wash if desired. It stayed on well for 10 hours without fading or creasing on me.


Friskie is a medium-dark black base with cool, silver sparkle throughout. It had opaque pigmentation in a single layer with a lightly emollient texture that had the adhesion and initial blendability of a cream when I applied the product to my lid.

As it “set,” it became powder-like, which kept the edges blendable (as desired) and gave it a flexible hold so there was no worry about flaking if I blended it out or layered something near-to or on top of it. It wore well for 10 hours without fading or creasing, and I didn’t see any fallout over time.