ColourPop Good Fortune Lux Liquid Lip Trio Review & Swatches


Good Fortune

Colour Pop Good Fortune Lux Liquid Lip Trio features three full-sized, new shades in the Lux Liquid Lip formula. The shades can also be purchased individually if preferred. All three had medium coverage or greater in a single layer, so for those looking to build product, it would be better to apply some to the center of the lips and blend out with fingertips. They were fairly easy to work with, comfortable to wear, and had decent longevity.

On Cloud Dynasty

On Cloud Dynasty is a muted, medium-dark copper with warm, red undertones and a natural sheen. It had buildable coverage from medium to mostly opaque in two layers. The liquid lipstick had a lightweight, thin, and more watery consistency, but there was enough substance that enabled it to spread evenly across my lips. The thinness seemed more apparent as this dried down more noticeable than some shades in the formula have for me, so it wasn’t as flattering to my natural lip texture (but by no means rough). It stayed on well for four and a half hours and was non-drying over time.

It’s a Banger

It’s a Banger is a bright, medium-dark coral with moderate, warm undertones and a natural sheen. It had semi-opaque coverage in a single layer–that’s one of the “cons” of this formula, it’s often more pigmented than described–that was easily opaque with less than a second layer.

The texture was thin, watery but had enough substance that it spread evenly across my lips and didn’t sink into my lip lines. It had a soft set to it so it wasn’t quite as wet as when swatched but didn’t seem fully dried down. It wore well for five hours and felt neither drying nor hydrating over time.

Take a Bao

Take a Bao is a deeper red with strong, cool undertones and a semi-matte finish. It had buildable pigmentation from semi-opaque to opaque in two layers of product. The texture was lightweight, watery, and thin without feeling clingy or emphasizing my lip texture.

The product spread comfortably over my lips for a mostly even application, and it had a more noticeable dry down and was more matte in places. I’d caution you to apply a second layer after letting the first layer dry a bit as a result. This shade lasted nicely for six hours, left a faint stain behind, and felt neither drying nor hydrating over time.