ColourPop Glowy Lip Balms Reviews & Swatches


Mr. Mint

Colour Pop Mr. Mint Glowing Lip Balm is a soft, peachy coral with moderate, warm undertones and fine pink and peach pearl paired with a luminous finish. It had sheer to semi-sheer coverage, which resulted in something that added warmth and some lightness to my natural lip color but looked less peach/orange on than it did swatched as a result (and likely will differ noticeably from person to person due to the sheerness!).

The texture was lightweight, thin, and had just enough glide to apply comfortably and without tugging. The product applied evenly and didn’t catch on minor imperfections, but there was a smidgen of product in my deeper lip lines that I could see in the close-up photos but not in person. This shade wore well for two hours and felt lightly moisturizing over time.

Let’s Chill

Colour Pop Let’s Chill Glowing Lip Balm is a medium pink with subtle, cooler undertones and fine, peach and cooler-toned, pink pearl through a luminous finish. It had sheer to semi-sheer coverage that gave my lips a noticeable, cooler pink tint with moderate shine. The texture was like a denser balm–firm but not stiff to work with, but it didn’t melt immediately and feel like a slip ‘n’ slide.

The formula applied evenly and was fairly forgiving of my lip texture, though a bit of color settled into my lip lines in the close-up photos but wasn’t noticeable in person. It lasted well for two and a half hours and felt lightly hydrating over time.

Peppermint Frost

Colour Pop Peppermint Frost Glowing Lip Balm is a light, cooler-toned pink with a luminous sheen but seemed to have little to no shimmer (unlike other shades in the formula). The consistency was lightweight with more of a dense, balm-like feel that glided on but didn’t feel “wet” as it went on.

The color applied with a sheer to semi-sheer level of coverage that went on evenly and wasn’t prone to catching or emphasizing imperfections in lip texture. It stayed on well for two hours at best but was lightly moisturizing while worn.