ColourPop Fanatic & Sealed with a Kiss Glossy Lip Stains


ColourPop Fanatic Glossy Lip Stain is a pinky-red with colder undertones and a glossy, jelly-like consistency. It provided modest color coverage in a single coat, which could be increased with a second layer after the first had “set.” It had a thin, watery consistency at first, and it took approximately 30 seconds to thicken and become a little tackier, at which point it was “set.” It lasted six hours, left a deep stain, and felt pleasantly moisturizing with time.

Sealed with a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss Glossy Lip Stain by ColourPop is a brighter, darker coral with warmer, more orange overtones and a glossy texture. It had semi-opaque pigmentation that applied quite evenly, but don’t pass judgment until it has had time to set! The texture was more watery and thin, so I had to be careful not to stretch it too much over my natural lip line when I spread it out. It took around 30 to 45 seconds for the tackiness and thickness to emerge, allowing it to stick better and no longer seem watery. This color lasted six hours, left a stain, and felt softly hydrating over time.