ColourPop Epiphany & Cut Loose So Glass Lip Glosses


ColourPop Epiphany So Glassy Lip Gloss is a delicate, milky peach foundation with bits of pink and gold shimmer throughout. This was more of a cream-based gloss with so scarce and random sparkle that it appeared to be leftover sparkle from a previous lip product rather than something imbedded in the product. While it generated sheen and glassiness, I believe it was so distinct from the rest of the lineup that it may have caused confusion. The texture was smooth, somewhat sticky, and thick, yet it didn’t seem heavy to me. It lasted four hours and was hydrating over time.

Cut Loose

ColourPop Cut Loose So Glassy Lip Gloss is a brighter, orange-copper-shimmered gloss with a more tinted-orange base and lots of lighter and darker copper sparkle/shimmer throughout, so it had a sheerer base color that added warmth to my natural lip while the coverage was more medium in the form of shimmer/sparkle. The texture was smoother, plusher, and thicker, with more obvious tackiness than most of the brand’s previous gloss formulations (not a positive nor a negative, just a preference), but this meant that there was no grittiness from the amount of sparkle in it. This color lasted four and a half hours and felt moisturizing.