ColourPop Coast is Clear 9-Pan Palette

Coast is Clear

ColourPop Coast is Clear 9-Pan Shadow Palette (Plastic) with a variety of finishes and varying depths. There are two new finishes, Satin Pearl and Sheer Sparkle, as well as a Super Shock Shadow (the tie-dye effect shade in the center), shimmers, and mattes. The quality was less consistent than I’d come to anticipate from the brand, but it wasn’t a flop.


Ahoy is a pale pink with warm undertones and a pearlescent shine. It had a thinner, stiffer texture that led in sheerer, uneven coverage, thus it was best pushed into place with a fingertip. This is a “satin pearl”, so it has a new finish that I’d characterize as stiffer, thinner, and a bit more emollient, almost like a tougher Super Shock Shadow. It was visible for seven and a half hours until it faded.

Set on You

Set On You has a light mauve color with warmer undertones and a matte texture. In the pan, the consistency was soft, blendable, and little powdered, yet it produced a great color payoff that applied evenly to bare skin. After seven and a half hours of use, this color began to fade.

Good to Go

Good to Go is a light, peachy copper with a high-shine finish. It reads “sparkle”, so it may be the new Sheer Sparkle finish (though it wasn’t quite apparent, though considering how different it felt, I’d suppose it was by logical conclusion). The texture was more emollient and cream-like, almost like a stiffer and powderier version of the Super Shock Shadow (not as squishy). However, the coating was primarily opaque rather than “sheer”. It lasted eight hours until there was minor fallout.

Fine Day

Fine Day is a light-medium pink copper with warm undertones and a shimmering, metallic sheen. It provided opaque color coverage and had a smooth, mildly creamy texture that wasn’t too thick or too softly pushed into the pan. It lingered on for around eight hours before diminishing noticeably.

In Focus

In Focus is a medium-dark pink with mild, warm undertones and pink and gold micro-sparkle that shimmers throughout for a more metallic look. It had a Super Shock Shadow finish, which gave it a more emollient, cream-like feel to the touch but transformed into a more powder-like finish when it came into contact with my skin. It provided generally opaque color coverage, applied evenly to bare skin, and lasted for 10 hours without fading.

Vibe Check

Vibe Check is a brilliant pewter with delicate, warm undertones and a metallic sheen. The consistency was more loosely pressed, making it easy to take up more product than necessary, resulting in fallout. Using less (or a fingertip/dampened brush!) reduced spillage while still providing complete coverage. It lasted almost eight hours before starting to fade.

For Sure

For Sure is a medium reddish-plum with a speck of barely-there glitter over a matte texture. It had a rich color payoff that applied evenly to bare skin, and the texture was soft and blendable in the pan, a touch powdery in the pan but blendable. It held on wonderfully for eight hours before significantly fading.


Home is a medium taupe-brown with warm undertones that are subtle and understated, and it has a matte texture. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation with a soft, somewhat powdered texture that had minor fallout on application but was blendable and did not sheer out easily. It wore nicely for eight hours before substantially fading.

Swept Up

Swept Up is a warm reddish-brown with a matte texture. It had a richly colored, silky, faintly powdered texture that was blendable without sheering out. It lasted for around eight hours before becoming clearly faded.