ColourPop Clearly in Love 9-Pan Palette

Clearly in Love

The ColourPop Clearly in Love 9-Pan Shadow Palette (Plastic) has a blend of pink, peach, copper, and brown, with both colder and warmer undertones, which was unusual. There were a lot of textures in the palette, including two new ones, Satin Pearl and Sheer Sparkle, as well as shimmers, mattes, and even a Super Shock Shadow. The pigmentation, blendability, and wearability were all satisfactory.

Guess What

Guess What is a delicate pink with a glossy shine and warmer undertones. It offered semi-opaque color coverage with a stiffer, thinner texture that felt more emollient to the touch than the brand’s shimmers, but it didn’t pick up as easily with a dry brush as the brand’s shimmers do. Though it wasn’t announced specifically, this appeared to be their new “Satin Pearl” finish (but did feel like a departure in texture from their past shimmers). It lasted for eight hours on me before fading visibly.

My Number

My Number is a bright golden peach with yellowy undertones and bits of tiny shimmer. It had a more emollient substance, not quite as spongy or wet as a real Super Shock Shadow, but somewhere in between. It had medium coverage, which was equally taken up with the brush and deposited and blended out effectively. It lasted eight hours before starting to fade. This is their new “Sheer Sparkle” finish, I suppose.


Sprung is a medium pinky-peach with warm undertones and sparkles of glitter scattered throughout a matte texture. Thankfully, the sparkles were few and far between, thus the program was unaffected. Because of its smooth, velvety texture, the eyeshadow exhibited deep pigmentation that applied evenly to bare skin and blended out effectively. It remained put for eight hours before starting to fade on me.

Simp 4 U

Simp 4 U is a light-medium pink with a warmer, contrasting gold glitter. The texture was light and airy, thick but not stiff, and blendable, with a great color payoff. It lasted for eight hours on me before fading visibly.


Shawty is a rich, medium-dark copper with warm rusty undertones and bits of gold and pink shimmer. Because it was a Super Shock Shadow, it had opaque pigmentation and an emollient texture that felt moist to the touch, yet it functioned like a powder once it came into contact with my skin. It lasted for nine hours before starting to fade considerably.

Like Like

Like Like is a darker, brighter fuchsia pink with cold undertones and a pearly gloss. It had an opaque color payoff and a stronger, stiffer texture that appeared a little thin, so it needed to be applied evenly with a denser brush or heavier hand, but there was little fallout. This color lasted for eight hours before becoming noticeably faded.

Hey You

Hey You is a rich purple with a matte texture and warmer undertones. It had a beautifully colored, soft, smooth, and velvety feel in the pan that was little powdered yet easy to work with on the lid. It lasted for eight hours on me before fading visibly.


Snack is a subdued, medium-dark brown with warm undertones and pink micro-sparkle sprinkled throughout a matte texture. There wasn’t much in the way of fallout from the random sparkles because there didn’t seem to be that many, so it wasn’t an issue whether they got lost in the air or got stuck in my brush. It had an opaque color payoff with a smooth, powdery texture that was easy to blend and didn’t thin out quickly. It stayed put for eight hours before starting to fade.


Sheesh is a dark brown with a matte texture and colder undertones. The texture was velvety, smooth, and blendable, yet it was quite powdered, thus extreme caution was required to minimize fallout. It had dense pigmentation that lasted for at least eight hours before fading.