ColourPop Clear the Air 9-Pan Palette

Clear the Air

ColourPop Clear the Air 9-Pan Shadow Palette (Plastic) contains peach, copper, and brown shades. The palette had a variety of textures, including two new ones, Satin Pearl and Sheer Sparkle, as well as shimmers, mattes, and even a Super Shock Shadow. The pigmentation, blendability, and wearability were all satisfactory.

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk is a whitish-beige foundation with pink and gold pearl accents. It appeared to be their new “Satin Pearl” finish, which had more of a faint metallic shine than a real pearl finish, but had a thinner, somewhat more emollient feel that applied well with a fingertip or a stiffer brush. This color provided semi-opaque color coverage that lasted for eight hours.

In Demand

In Demand is a deeper, peachy gold with a sheerer foundation and gold glitter particles all throughout. This is, I believe, their new “Sheer Sparkle” finish, the first of three launched that truly lived up to the finish’s name. The texture was somewhat emollient, which let the sparkles stick to the lid without instantly coming off. It wore nicely for eight hours before notably fading on me.

On the Real

On the Real is a peachy-orange medium with warm undertones and a matte texture. The consistency was slightly powdery, resulting in mild fallout and a propensity for this hue to thin out slightly. It also appeared to have more white in the foundation, which made other matte tones look a touch ashy when placed on top (so use it first). This color lasted for around eight hours before fading noticeably.

Call It

Call It has a bright yellowy-copper foundation with a pink-to-peach shifting pearl on top. It had largely opaque, buildable pigmentation, but the texture was stiffer and a touch thin, so it wasn’t as easy to pick up with a brush or apply as evenly as I would have liked at first. It lasted seven hours before becoming clearly faded.

Be U

Be U is a somewhat subdued light-medium copper with warmer undertones and a pearly gloss. The texture was emollient and little mushy to the touch, but once applied to my skin, it felt more powder-like. It provided opaque coverage for nine hours before fading visibly on me.

Need This

Need This is a rich, reddish-copper color with warm undertones and a glossy shine. It featured one coat of opaque pigmentation and a smooth, medium thick texture that picked up easily with a dry brush. It lingered on for around eight hours before diminishing noticeably.

Swing By

Swing By is a medium brown with a matte sheen and warmer, more orange-leaning overtones. The eyeshadow had a smoother, velvety texture that was blendable and did not sheer out easily. It had dense pigmentation that lasted for almost eight hours before fading.

Breath In

Breathe In is a bright, brilliant orange-coral with warm undertones and a largely matte texture. The texture was smooth, velvety, and blendable, with a faint powderiness that stayed primarily in the pan. The product offered full color payoff in one coat and lasted for eight hours on me before fading visibly.


Over is a rich taupe-brown with warm undertones and a matte texture. It was deeply colored, with a smoother, more velvety texture that blended easily and had barely a hint of powderiness in the pan. It held on wonderfully for eight hours before significantly fading.