ColourPop Candy Floss Super Shock Cheek Highlighter

Candy Floss

ColourPop Candy Floss Super Shock Cheek (Highlighter) has more of a translucent base and a mix of finer and larger-sized pearl and sparkle that was silvery-white and iridescent. The finish appeared smoother in practice than it seemed it would when swatched, but it was a sparkly highlighter with larger flecks of visible sparkle, which I know appeals to some and not to others.

The consistency felt smooth, slightly wet to the touch, but it quickly turned to a more powder-like consistency when it came into contact with skin. The product applied well with fingertips and felt like it was harder to apply it evenly with a brush. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation applied with a fingertip and fairly sheer coverage applied with a brush–a little less pigmented than marketed. It wore well for nine hours but had light migration from the larger sparkles over time.