ColourPop Ballad Eyeshadow Palette



ColourPop Ballad 5-Pan Pressed Powder Palette is a new palette that contains one true matte, two sparkle mattes, and two shimmers. The color story worked as a standalone palette as there was a mix of depths and finishes at a high-level, though it may require one to bring in preferred transition shades.

I felt that Novel was particularly warm-toned and should have been more neutral-toned or cool-toned to suit the rest of the palette. The quality was decent, and as long as one doesn’t mind the fallout and imprecision of the brand’s sparkly mattes, I imagine it would live up to expectations. If those are deal-breakers, this palette includes two of them!

Novel (Ballad)

Novel (Ballad) is a very light peach with warmer undertones and a metallic sheen. The consistency was slightly drier with a tendency for the shimmer to separate a bit from the base, so there was light fallout during blending. It had opaque color coverage that sheered out to more semi-opaque pigmentation, so I’d recommend using a dampened brush to work with this shade. There were signs of wear after seven and a half hours.


Epic is a medium beige with muted, slightly warm undertones and a matte finish. It had opaque pigmentation with a soft, blendable consistency that was more velvety, though still a little powdery in the pan. It wore well for seven and a half hours before fading noticeably.


Drama is a light-medium taupe with cooler undertones and slightly warmer, more olive metallic sheen. It had rich color coverage with a smooth, moderately dense texture that was soft without being powdery, so it had good adhesion to bare skin but blended out well along the edges. It stayed on nicely for eight hours before fading visibly.


Fate is a medium-dark, purple-taupe with cooler undertones and faint sparkle over a more matte finish. It had mostly opaque, buildable pigmentation with a lightly powdery texture that was slightly thin. There was light fallout during blending, and it was hard to keep the sparkles in place, so they tended to diffuse over other areas of the eye. It lasted decently for seven and a half hours before fading a bit.


Prose is a medium-dark black with cooler undertones and a moderate amount of silver and greenish-teal sparkle over a more matte base. The texture was smooth, more velvety with light powderiness, so it wasn’t as prone to fallout as it might have been, but when blended, the sparkles displaced so readily that it was hard to retain precision without using very minimal blending and smaller tools. It had opaque color coverage that stayed on well for seven and a half hours but had fallout over time.