ColourPop Baby Doll & The Rachel Fresh Kiss Lip Cremes


Baby Doll

ColourPop Baby Doll Fresh Kiss Lip Crème is a light-medium brown with moderate, warm undertones and a cream finish. The texture was smooth, spreadable, and more velvety with less “wetness” going on, but it still was easy to work with. This particular shade seemed a little thicker, and as a result, was prone to settling into my lip lines. It had nearly opaque color payoff in a single layer, which was more coverage than marketed, but as it was a liquid product, it was easy to use less and get a sheerer result if desired. It lasted well for four and a half hours and was lightly moisturizing while worn.

The Rachel

ColourPop The Rachel Fresh Kiss Lip Crème is a medium-dark coral with warmer, more orange-leaning undertones and a cream finish. It took an hour or so of wear before it had more of a soft matte finish. The texture was lightweight, mousse-like, and velvety, so it spread easily my lips and felt slightly clingy (not in a bad way), though it settled into my lip lines a bit and wasn’t the most forgiving of lip texture. It had semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation, which was a little higher than marketed, and it was lightly hydrating over the four hours it lasted for.