Coloured Raine Prove My Loyalty Highlighter and Blush Duo Review & Swatches

Prove My Loyalty

Coloured Raine Prove My Loyalty Highlighter and Blush Duo is a new, limited edition duo featuring a bright, silvery-white glittering highlight and a deep, matte red blush. The two shades were quite pigmented and easy enough to apply (even that red!), and the highlighter seemed to have more of a transparent base with tons of shimmer and sparkle, so it worked well for layering and may not be as prone to turning ashy on deeper complexions. The blush was extremely pigmented and even when I took great care to use as little as possible, it was still a lot of product for my cheeks, which is more of a note to potential buyers than a pro/con.

Prove My Loyalty (Highlighter)

Prove My Loyalty (Highlighter) is a bright, silvery-white that looked liked it had subtle pink and silver reflective sparkles throughout. It was more glittery than anticipated, and the texture felt emollient, which gave it a thinness but no powderiness and still good adhesion/hold with all of that sparkle when applied to my skin. The base seemed almost transparent rather than white-based, so I could see it potentially working more readily on more skin tones (than if it had a true white powder base). It had nearly opaque pigmentation that applied evenly and blended out well. It stayed on nicely for eight and a half hours with minimal glitter travel.

Prove My Loyalty (Blush)

Prove My Loyalty (Blush) is a rich, medium-dark red with cool undertones and a matte finish. It was intensely pigmented to the point where the merest, feathery tap of my brush into the pan yielded nearly opaque coverage on my cheeks–like I went as light as I thought I could and still ended up with a lot of coverage and intensity. When blended out, it tended to look pinker and more berry-like than a true-red; it’d have to be applied as really full-on coverage to get to true red. The texture was silky, smooth, and surprisingly blendable; the hardest part about applying it was getting the least amount of product possible to keep from having to blend out the edge so far from where it was originally applied. It wore well for nine hours before fading a bit.