Coloured Raine My Day One Highlighter and Blush Duo Review & Swatches

My Day One

Coloured Raine My Day One Highlighter and Blush Duo is a new, limited edition duo featuring a bright, coppery highlighter and a slightly muted, cooler-toned blush. The two shades definitely played well off of each other. Both shades had rich pigmentation and were fairly blendable, easy to use, and lasted for at least eight hours on me, though the blush took some extra time to blend out (workable but not effortless).

My Day One (Highlighter)

My Day One (Highlighter) is a brighter, light-medium copper with stronger, warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. It was richly pigmented with a smooth, dense, and more cream-to-powder (in feel) texture. It took a denser brush and a moderate hand to pick up product well, and it seemed to get a bit more yielding after a few uses, almost like the top layer had to be worn away. The powder applied evenly to bare skin and blended out best with small, circular motions. This shade stayed on well for eight and a half hours before I noticed signs of fading.

My Day One (Blush)

My Day One (Blush) is a medium-dark, reddish-plum with subtle, cool undertones and a matte finish. The consistency felt velvety, smooth, and wasn’t at all powdery–almost a bit firm but not stiff in the pan–so it applied evenly and blended out fairly readily. It was a deeper, richer shade, so it tended to pull pink when diffused along the edges, and it did take some extra patience to really soften the edges entirely. It wore well for nine hours before showing signs of fading on me.