Coloured Raine Juicy Boost Collection for Summer/Fall 2020


Release Date + About the Launch

We are super excited to be sharing our new Coloured Raine “Juicy Boost” collection with you! We were inspired by our Founder, Loraine’s love of juicing! You can probably find her spending at least 30 minutes a day whipping up a delicious and nutritious juice passing it out in the office because we all need a wholesome health kick. So we wanted to create something inspired by all of the gorgeous colors and textures of fruits and veggies!

This collection was such a joy to create and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we did creating them and that you use them to take you to your most “juiciest” state!

8/14, 9AM PT

Coloured Raine

Products in the Launch

Juicy Boost Pressed Pigment Palette, $52.00

Texture consists of 3 high intensity reflect dazzlers and 15 buttery smooth mattes! Palette will be available in book format as well as larger palette form; both versions are $52.00 and are magnetic so pans can be popped out easily.

Blueberry Burst (Dazzler)
Coconut Water (Matte)
Cucumber Avocado (Matte)
Mint Leaves (Matte)
Energy Boost (Matte)
Kale Yeah (Matte)
Sweet Ruby (Dazzler)
Pink Grapefruit (Matte)
Cranberry Vanilla (Matte)
Berry Beet (Matte)
Watermelon Detox
Apple Strawberry (Matte)
Lemon Wheat Grass (Dazzler)
Citusu Zinger (Matte)
Ginger Bae (Matte)
Turmeric Shot (Matte)
Orange Carrot (Matte)
Sweet Potato Mango (Matte)

Juicy Boost Accessories, $7.00 to $22.00

Tumbler ($7.00) Holds 16.9 oz., BPA free
Umbrella ($22.00)

Coloured Raine Juicy Boost Collection for Summer/Fall 2020