Codeko Drops New Music Video For “Close To Me,” Talks College, Touring, & New Music

Your EDM has been a huge fan of Codeko for years, covering his releases since 2014, nearly since our inception. Over the years, he’s released a number of tracks we’ve covered, but he’s been working hard as well going to college at Cambridge University — and he’s just graduated with a degree in physics at the top of his class.


On top of his studies, he’s also an accomplished, classically-trained multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, and he shows it off on the new video for “Close To Me” with Xanthe. He takes ownership of his talents, playing guitar, keys, and drums all himself on the track.

Codeko proves that with proper time management (and also actual management), it’s possible to hit any goal you set your mind to.

Check out the impressive video for “Close To Me” below, and read on for Your EDM’s exclusive interview with Codeko.

For those who are just coming across your music: Who is Codeko? How would you describe your sound?

My name is Ed Clark but people typically refer to me by my stage name, Codeko. I’m a classically trained musician and have been playing piano since I was 5, but got into producing dance music when I was about 15 for fun; it kinda spiraled from there! My music varies a lot since I don’t like only producing a specific genre, but in general it’s always super melodic and high energy.

You just graduated from Cambridge where you studied physics and were top of your class. How did you balance classes and music/touring?

Cambridge is an amazing university, and when i got accepted it seemed like a mistake to turn it down. Balancing the work & music was super tough but usually involved classes during the day and just squeezing in music production when I could. When I started getting booked for international shows, I’d skip class on Fridays and head to the airport, and usually get back in time for class on Monday (if I wasn’t too jetlagged!) It was a lot of work, physics isn’t an easy subject but I made it all work (just about). Getting a 4.0 was pretty nuts, was really just hoping to pass my final year and came as a complete surprise, was pretty pleased! It all seemed to work out in the end, I wrote “Say Hi” and a bunch of other tracks in my dorm room & they ended up being some of my most streamed songs which is pretty cool in hindsight. As for physics/science, I’m still finding ways to utilize my major in day to day life.

You also just released “Close to Me,” and a music video, which we love. What was the production process like for the track and the video? Any inspirations? Especially with you performing three live instruments!

Electronic music is often very synth heavy, and for a while I’ve wanted to write a track that uses a bunch of real, live world instruments that I play. The unique, james bond-esque chord progression was where the track started, and from that I wrote the topline & added in the guitar solo and everything else. The music video concept of ‘duplicating’ me playing the different parts was something I thought would be really cool from the start, that the whole team came together to make it work, super pleased with how it came together!

We’ve heard you’ve done over 50 college shows in the past year. It must be pretty cool to be performing and partying with students your age while also being a booked act. Out of all the schools you’ve been to, which is the most fun and why?

I love college shows for exactly that reason, they’re always so much fun. It was pretty crazy at first seeing how big these university parties can get here in the states, the UK college party scene is completely different and nowhere near the same scale. I always assumed the whole ‘red solo cup’ thing was just something from movies and it’s pretty funny to see how it’s all true. It’s hard to pick a favourite since there have genuinely been so many awesome shows; if I was forced to pick one spot I guess it would be University of Arizona. My first ever college show was there, I’ve played a bunch there since (including 8 shows in 24 hours) and they always go crazy hard.

Your Two Friends remix is killing on Spotify and you’re also spinning at Echostage DC with them on the 10th. How did this remix come about?

I love those dudes, Matt & Eli and I have become good friends over the last few months. They asked me to be on a bunch of their last headlining tour dates and therefore have Echostage with them too this week. The remix came about pretty casually, they sent me a ton of their new music and mentioned how they were doing a remix pack for Take it Off and wanted me to take a stab at it. I, of course, said yea and now it’s one of my favorite remixes to date, looking forward to spinning it out!

You recently died your hair blonde! Give us the story there.

It all happened kind of quickly to be honest. One night I was sitting in the studio and I felt a bit too content. I wanted to spice things up in a pretty big way and thought dying my hair was the right way to go about it. I’ve thought about going blonde for a little bit so I already knew what I wanted it to look like.

Earlier this year you wrapped up your Semester Abroad Tour hitting 15+ stops around the country, including festivals Electric Zoo, Gold Rush & Tomorrowland. What’s consistent touring in the US like while living in Europe?

To be honest it’s definitely not easy but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I mostly spend Monday- Wednesday in London and then leave for the weekend shows. The jet lag is really bad and my sleeping pattern is completely bizarre as a result but it’s just about keeping it manageable. The only alternative is staying in the US during the week between shows, but then I don’t see my friends / family for months on end so i’m happy to go back & forth, I’ve gotten pretty good at sleeping on planes!

‘Say Hi’ with Austin Mahone just hit 10 million streams on Spotify. Are you working with any other notable vocalists or collaborations at all?

Hitting 10 million just on Spotify is pretty surreal, it’s a track I started to write in my dorm room; Austin and I had a blast finishing it off. At the moment I’m really enjoying writing / singing all my stuff myself, and once it’s written I tend to think about the kind of voice I think would be good and reaching out from there. So I’m always scouring the internet listening to a bunch of artists & singers to find the next thing. As for productions, I have a lot of new music in the works so we’ll have to see what’s to come!

When can we expect new music? The EP ?

Very soon… like the next few weeks soon! I’m releasing several new Classifieds and have nearly the entire EP complete. Get ready for some brand new music!

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