Coachella Receives Massive Grant To Support New Cannabis Businesses

A new $500,000 grant from California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control will have Coachella swimming in green next year… and we don’t mean money. According to London Free Press, the grant will be used “for commercial cannabis equity programs that focus on inclusion and support of persons and communities that were negatively or disproportionately impacted by cannabis criminalization.” Other recipients of the grant include San Jose, Palm Springs, Long Beach, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

While the intent of the grant is support of marginalized communities, the obvious side effect of more cannabis in Coachella County will be a greener Coachella Music Festival.

Cannabis still isn’t technically allowed inside the festival, though we know everyone brings it in anyway; but pop ups around the festival in the surrounding areas will be sure to keep the day parties lively and lit.

“Since last year, the City Council has been really trying to think about how the little guy as well as the person that has been criminalized because of the war on drugs can get into this flourishing industry,” Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez said. “When the state looked at putting forward some dollars for social equity, we all jumped on this.”

Photo courtesy of Coachella