Close To Monday Collaborates with Slevin for Enchanting Melodic House Rework

European pair Close To Monday has been capturing attention both in their native land and across the Atlantic in the US with their captivating synth-pop infused tunes. While their music evokes vibes reminiscent of groups such as Boy Harsher and CHVRCHES, they’ve ingeniously crafted a distinctive sonic identity. This has propelled them to secure prominent positions on charts in the Netherlands, coupled with global recognition for their visually enchanting music visuals.

Adding another layer to their musical journey, they’ve collaborated with DJ Slevin to reimagine their track “Religion”. This rendition delves into the nuances of melodic house intertwined with techno, complemented by Close To Monday’s entrancing vocal delivery. DJ Slevin masterfully weaves together elements from darkwave, house, and techno, showcasing the remix’s adaptability while highlighting its multifaceted artistic depth that defies genre confines.