Claude VonStroke Celebrates 15 Years of Dirtybird with New Album ‘Freaks & Beaks’ [LISTEN]

Claude VonStroke celebrates 15 years of Dirtybird with a free-spirited new album, Freaks & Beaks. This is the fourth artist album and sixth full-length project from Dirtybird head honcho VonStroke, described as “quirky innovation and a relentless pursuit of something new and fresh.” To say Freaks & Beaks is a salute to the Dirtybird culture is an understatement. The album bounces from track to track with much flair and quirk, captivating the sound and overall vibe VonStroke has worked so hard to shape over the years.

The producer approached Freaks & Beaks with a new creative process consisting of daily creative time, experimentation with new hardware, and willingness to have fun making a “huge amount” of sketches. From complex modular synths to simple drum apps, he kept it DIY along the way. VonStroke even sampled his own voice and his two children on several tracks as well, allowing himself to breathe while creating over 130 ideas which were whittled down to the finished 11 album tracks.

What started as a humble party in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, turned basement record label, has morphed into a truly thriving community whose familial, fun and welcoming vibe has won over hearts and minds across the world. Inspirations of family, friends and fans ring out as Freaks & Beaks burns up dancefloors everywhere. Dirtybirds, this is for you and it’s something to be proud of! Enjoy!

Claude VonStroke – Freaks & Beaks

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