Chris Lake Unleashes Simply Stunning New Production “Stay With Me” [LISTEN]

Chris Lake is one of dance music’s greatest treasures and his latest single only adds to his already stellar collection of musical gems. “Stay With Me” has been playing out during the masterful producers’ sets for some time now, and it’s finally here. The production builds slowly and deeply, guided by angelic vocals, a constant, driving beat and subtle notes that pack in surreal, unstoppable energy. The result is simply exquisite and something we’re certain only Chris Lake could come up with.

“Stay With Me” moves forward as gracefully as possible, with occasional, delicate rises that sound as natural as breathing. The track only goes in hard for fleeting power bars for temporary impact. Then, it’s back down again, into the blissful, lingering space Lake has expertly cultivated. “Stay With Me” is out now via Black Book Records.

Chris Lake – Stay With Me

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