Chris Lake & Grimes Drop Brand New Collaboration, “ A Drug From God ”

The brand new collaboration from Chris Lake and Grimes aka NPC — “A Drug From God” — has arrived and it’s the life of the party! Dangerously hypnotic and devastatingly catchy, the track progresses steadily with danceable intentions as the sounds of Chris Lake and Grimes’ new AI girl group collide. NPC intends to “hone the concepts of Art Angels and Miss Anthropocene, finally manifesting the endless characters in Grimes’ head.” Members are infinite in number and can be voted in or out, except for core members such as the baby Warnymph.

Needless to say, “A Drug From God” is as captivating as intended. The intensity of the track’s persistent risers and various reiterated elements heighten our senses as a thick bassline powers forward, seemingly unfazed by the organized chaos that surrounds it. Ultimately, Grimes’ eerily processed vocals elevate the production to earworm status.

The lyrics declare:

Money, Power, Beauty, Fame
Choose your weapon to beat the game
Money is power and art is fraud
And love is just a drug from God

“A Drug From God” is out now on Astralwerks & Black Book Records.

Listen here!


Chris Lake & NPC – A Drug From God