Chris Lake Black Book Records first compilation EP, “Black Book ID’s: Chapter 1”

Black Book Records’ first compilation EP, Black Book ID’s: Chapter 1 is here and it packs all the energetic tech house signature of a Chris Lake-led project. Chris Lake joins forces with Italian producer Riva Starr and producer/vocalist lau.ra on the EP’s leading track, “Beat Freak.” Featuring a dynamic beat and acid-style lyrics, “Beat Freak” equates to a track that you can expect to hear in tech house sets everywhere in 2021.

“Trippin” by Dubesque is the second track on the EP, which manages to carry a repetitive beat without ever sounding boring. The single comes after a busy 2020 for Dubesque, which saw multiple EPs released. The compilation also introduces us to a new producer, Fourword. “Snake Charmer” is the debut single by Fourword and has already broken into the Top 10 of the Beatport Top 100 Tech House chart, alongside Chris Lake’s “Beat Freak.”

The four-track EP closes with “Like I Don’t Exist – NightFunk Remix.” This snappy NightFunk tune breathes new life into the 2020 release by Nicky Night Time via Black Book Records. NightFunk improves on the bassline, adding new depth, and also downplays the vocal sampling of the original track. Listen to the compilation here.

Black Book ID’s: Chapter 1