Chocolate Dalgona coffee with maple and vanilla by Billington’s Sugar and Paul A Young

It seems that many of us are tuning in to our culinary sides during this lockdown with more banana bread, sourdough bread and cakes being baked than ever before. With the incapability of being able to swing by our favourite coffee shops, one of the more popular victuals taking the Internet by storm has to be the Dalgona coffee. This creamy looking Korean coffee drink currently boasts more than 430,000 hashtag hits on Instagram and millions of views on YouTube and TikTok with users generously sharing their recipes and outcomes.

Inspired by this international movement, Billington’s Sugar, along with chocolatier Paul A Young, have experimented with the inclusion of chocolate and the result is a visually impactful, indulgent layered dessert come drink.

Paul comments: “Dalgona coffee has exploded and, as a chocolatier looking at trends, I like to apply a bit of my chocolate magic to make it even more exciting. I’ve included 70% dark chocolate, maple syrup and vanilla milk both topped with the signature Dalgona coffee foam – it’s a coffee and a dessert all in one. I’m excited to see how far this trend can go especially with so many super creative foodies and baristas.”

dalgona coffee

Paul’s chocolate Dalgona coffee is comprised of a water-based ganache, followed by a chilled maple syrup and vanilla milk, and topped with the signature foam, and finished with a chocolate button, and a light sprinkling of Billington’s demerara sugar. All of Billington’s sugars are unrefined, locking in the natural molasses of the sugarcane of which they are made, giving them, and this recipe, rich caramel undertones that make it even more indulgent and flavoursome.

This coffee come dessert can be enjoyed as a drink, or eaten as a dessert, digging through all the layers at once. Read on to find out how to create this delectable recipe for two.


For the ganache
200g dark chocolate, chopped
150ml water
1 tbsp Billington’s Golden Caster or Light Muscovado Sugar

For the milk
100ml whole milk
2 tbsp Billington’s Very Dark or Amber Maple Syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract

For the coffee foam
2 tbsp instant coffee
2 tbsp Billington’s Golden Caster Sugar
2 tbsp water

To decorate (optional)
A sprinkle of Billington’s Sugar for Coffee
2 chocolate buttons

Dalgona coffee


Step one: the ganache
Bring the water and sugar to a simmer. Once lightly simmering, pour the sweetened water over the chopped chocolate in a bowl and whisk. Divide the water-based chocolate ganache into two glasses and set aside to cool.

Step two: the milk
Take a measuring jug and within it combine all milk ingredients, mix, and set aside.

Step three: the coffee foam
Pour all foam ingredients into a mixing bowl or stand mixer. Using a handheld or electric whisk, whisk until light thick and frothy. To create a softer foam, double the water quantity to 4 tbsp.

To build the chocolate Dalgona coffee with maple and vanilla, carefully pour the milk over the set ganache. Once settled, gently spoon the coffee foam over the milk. Taking a hot pallet knife, level off the foam and top with chocolate shavings or a chocolate button, and a sprinkle of Billington’s Sugar for Coffee.