Chime Returns To Monstercat With “ Rainbow Rave Parade ” A Retro-Inspired Single

Chime returns to Monstercat with his retro-inspired single “Rainbow Rave Parade”, following the release of his collaborative single “Sleepless” with Pixel Terror and Teminite last year. Chime has over a decade of production experience and has created a truly unique sound by combining soft, sparkling melodies and synths with gritty and dark basses.

In “Rainbow Rave Parade”, his diverse production styles are on full display, with animated arpeggiators and full chord piles completely stabilizing the hefty riddim-inspired drums. Chime pioneers the subgenre and stuns audiences once more with this new supercharged cut, continuing to lead the way for color bass creators. ” ‘ Rainbow Rave Parade’ is a track commemorating both my music history and the colorful diversity of the producers I have actually worked hard to promote and push into the larger scene”, Chime says of this brand-new lively record.

Fans can expect to see Chime perform on his “The Other Side” tour with Au5 when it kicks off on March 30th at Soundcheck Nightclub in Washington, DC. This voidwalking duo has mastered the ability to synthesize dancing styles while honing their own individual style, and is remembered for their skillfully crafted sonic experiences. The Other Side Tour, which spans 26 dates across the United States, will undoubtedly deliver both artists’ complex artilleries of sound and flawless production.

Stream “Rainbow Rave Parade” below and get your tickets to The Other Side Tour right now!