Chikuhodo Holiday 2019 Brush Sets


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Deck the halls with two travel-friendly brush sets made by legendary artisans in Japan.

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Products in the Launch

Bijou Brush Set, $250.00 (Limited Edition)

Perfect your look on the go with this set of five handmade brushes from CHIKUHODO’s Collection. The limited edition Bijou Brush Set gives you everything you need for a full face of makeup in a travel-friendly carrying case. Toss it in your gym bag or your carryon to achieve the gorgeous results that CHIKUHODO brushes are known for—anytime, anywhere.

– Powder Brush (saikoho hair)

– Cheek Brush (gray squirrel/saikoho hair)

– Eye Shadow Brush (gray squirrel hair)

– Eye Brow Brush (badger hair)

– Lip Brush (euro weasel hair)

Peony Set, $100.00 (Limited Edition)

Here just for the holidays, the Peony Brush Set from CHIKUHODO’s Collection features two travel essentials: a fluffy foundation brush and a retractable lip brush for touchups on the go. These travel-friendly brushes are crafted by master artisans in Japan and sized to make it easy to grab them and go.

– Foundation Brush (sokoho goat hair)

– Lip Brush (euro weasel hair)