Chenot Palace Weggis’ Carnaroli Risotto with Saffron and Confit of Cherry Tomatoes

During lockdown, we are likely to be overindulging as a form of emotional comfort eating, or even undereating due to stress. To combat this and ensure you are feeling healthy and energised during lockdown, the team at the new Chenot Palace Weggis spa in Switzerland have shared their favourite biolight recipe for you to try at home – a delicious and aromatic saffron and cherry tomato risotto.

This recipe is an example of the cuisine offered on Chenot Palace Weggis’ signature, seven-day wellness retreat programmes, as part of an array of treatments and bespoke diet plans written by medical experts for the world-renowned Chenot Method. Using flavoursome and fresh ingredients to create well-balanced dishes, the recipes aim to encourage detoxification, stimulate metabolic efficiency and renew energy levels.

Why not have a go at creating this healthy take on risotto at home this week, for a delicious and nutritional family dinner?

Ingredients (based on four people sharing)


300g Carnaroli rice
1 onion
1 spoonful peanut oil
1dl white wine
1-litre vegetable stock
1 sachet of saffron
50g extra virgin olive oil
Fresh herbs, to taste
Salt, to taste

Carnaroli is an Italian medium-grained rice grown in the Pavia, Novara and Vercelli provinces of northern Italy

Cherry Tomato Confit

20 cherry tomatoes
20g chopped shallots
10g peanut oil
40g breadcrumbs
Thyme, rosemary, tarragon – chopped
10g Agave syrup
2g garlic


Wash tomatoes and prepare by cutting in half and placing skin down on the bottom of a pan lined with baking paper.

Sauté chopped shallot in peanut oil, then remove from heat whilst still warm, adding in breadcrumbs, dried chopped tomatoes, toasted sesame seeds and chopped thyme, rosemary, tarragon, agave syrup and garlic.

Try and use only the finest cherry tomatoes

Mix together well before pouring mixture over the cut cherry tomatoes.

Cook together in the oven for two hours at 85°C.

For the risotto, sauté the onion in the peanut oil for a few minutes, before pouring in white wine and waiting for it to evaporate.

Then, add in two ladles of hot vegetable stock and stir well.

When it is mostly evaporated, add more stock, and when half cooked, pour in a sachet of saffron and more stock as and when needed, until fully cooked.

Remove pan from the heat and add in extra virgin olive oil to the mixture, to create a creamy texture.

Serve the risotto with the accompanying cherry tomato confit, and garnish with saffron pistils, salt and fresh herbs to taste. Recipe best served immediately.

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