Chee Releases First Single “Vultures” off Upcoming EP

Deadbeats Records has changed the landscape of bass music with its rise in popularity and support of newer artists. Their latest release “Vultures” from Chee is no exception. With this single, Chee is sharing a track that is a testament of his production aptitude. It opens with an ambient noise that blends faded guitar plucks. This creates an eerie feeling like the song is haunted. The lead synth kicks in and slowly drowns out the guitar and crackling sound effects. The slow burn that “Vultures” emits turns into a bounce as the drop incorporates snarling bass lines and delicate hi-hats. But in one drop, there are about three variations that build off each other making this track versatile as it is ominous.

Chee, the South African producer, has been releasing music over the last six years. With each release, he pushes the sonic boundaries of bass music in styles garnering support from major players. From collaborations with Liquid Stranger and Subtronics to releasing with other labels like Mad Zoo and Bassrush Records, Chee moves in any direction and blends his style with ease.

“Vultures” is the first single off his upcoming Quarter Inch EP due out in April. Keep an eye out for this one.