Chee Drops Jaw-Dropping ‘Quarter Inch’ EP

The anticipation has been building for a new EP since Chee dropped a couples of singles in the last month. The track “Vultures” has a dark ambience while maintaining dancefloor-ready rhythm. Meanwhile, “Blood Thirsty” is a haunting, chilling exercise of music production taking bass music to the deepest place imaginable. Now, these tracks plus three more are out from Deadbeats on Chee’s latest Quarter Inch EP.

The EP kicks off with the aforementioned tracks which appropriately set the mood and bar for listeners. It’s going to get weird, but it’s going to be a jam the whole time. Tracks like “Neck Crack Flashback” and “Beaver Fever” dive into a soundscape of fluttering synths, sharp drums, and glitchy effects. The sound is akin to a black hole of bass stripping you down to microscopic molecules in how they envelop and attract your attention. Either way, it’s Chee’s world and we’re vibing to it.

My personal favorite track “Pipsqueak” is a piece that doesn’t stay still long at all. Chee is constantly changing directions on the production. In the first two minutes of the track, the song goes one way with the drums highlighted with bouncing pops of bass. But by the start of third minute as your getting cozy with what you’ve heard so far, the bass and tempo unleash a barrage of growling basslines unified with a heavy rhythm. The result is an aggressive, complex dance track juggling wrath and adrenaline.

Make sure to take a peak into the Quarter Inch EP by Chee if you want to see bass music lurk into the strangest destinations.