Check out this New Gaming-Inspired Video from Grey Code and SubMarine on MethLab

Any fans of MethLab know that the label is known for its audio visual elements and that the imprint is also involved in gaming but to what extent do all these elements come together for the label? It appears there will be more and more of the gaming elements coming from MethLab, starting with a new video for the single “FlamingoClub” by Grey Code and SubMarine, out now.

The video is a wonderful homage to 16 bit pixel art, right down to the MethLab logo popping up at the beginning in Atari-inspired letters. The gaming storyline, as it were, is sort of inspired by GTA, with a bounty hunter going to the Flamingo Club in an 80s-inspired car to collect his target. It’s set in sort of a dystopian Florida and runs through the whole story as the track moves.

“Flamingo Club” the track is part of MethLab’s new Sentinal series and it’s easy to see why the graphic artists chose the furutistic, Miami-inspired 80s theme with the synths and the rolling drums in the track. Once the track gets rolling, it’s quite ambient and liquid but with a cooler, techy punch in the sound design. The video and track go together perfectly and it’s clear how much attention to detail was paid in both and in matching track to video.

Fans can expect more gaming announcements from MethLab forthcoming, including the trailer below for a game called Pacer. In the meantime, it’s bassy business as usual from the label with Sentinel 003 and much more ahead. Listen to both tracks for Sentinel here and check out the video for Disphonia’s “Careful” on YouTube, a whole different A/V experience.