Check Out The Latest From Steve Aoki, Chemical Surf And Zafrir, “Siliwa Hay” feat. Max-Africana

Steve Aoki is no stranger to experimenting with global sounds. After all, he’s a global icon himself, and one of the most prominent Asian-American entertainers around. Now, for his latest single, “Siliwa Hay” he’s going for a truly global production, enlisting Brazilian production duo Chemical Surf, Israeli producer Zafrir, and Ghanaian vocalist Max-Africana for an Afro-beat inspired track, that still has that unique Steve Aoki flair. The track opens with a snare building up in the background alongside an African chant. After the buildup churns through, there’s a vocal chant/refrain. The drop is pretty much a four-four beat, with some tech-y synths in the background. However, it’s the vocal chant that differentiates the track from anything else.

According to Zafrir, the vocal hook is a Ghanaian chant. Siliwa apparently translates to “flow and all the good things will be with you.” Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. The track continues with its incessant groove and worldly flair. Here’s what Steve had to say about “Siliwa Hay.”

“‘Siliwa Hay’ is my first collaboration with Chemical Surf and Zafrir, and it’s truly a global one. With Chemical Surf being from Brazil, Zafrir from Israel, and the track featuring vocals from Max-Africana, we were able to all come together to create this dance floor anthem that brings together each of our electronic sounds with a global rhythm that I can’t wait for you all to dance to.”

Check out the latest from Steve Aoki, Chemical Surf and Zafrir, “Siliwa Hay” featuring Max-Africana out now on Dim Mak.