Check Out Marshmello New Song,“Eternal” Music Video

Is there a hard and fast rule about how old something must be before you may feel nostalgic about it? Unlikely, but Marshmello makes a compelling argument for 8 years. Marshmello burst onto the scene in 2015 with a distinct mix of sweet, bouncy synth music performed on live as a mysterious, mallow’d DJ. The music was quite easy to engage with, with minimal sophisticated sound design and some pretty simple tunes. But it was of high quality and, most importantly, a lot of fun.

He followed up his first album, Joytime, with two follow-ups and his most recent album, Shockwave, released in 2021, including a bit more of his harder sound thanks to collaborations with TroyBoi, DJ Sliiink, Carnage, NITTI, Eptic, Subtronics, PEEKABOO, and SIPPY. Now, eight years later, in 2023, he’s displaying a return to that initial sound for what we can only presume is the start of Joytime IV.

Eight years ago, the minimalist sound was a reaction to an overproduction trend, but now it’s a throwback and sentimental moment. Check out his new song “Eternal,” which is out today, as well as his other two songs this year, “Unity” and “Party Jumpin’,” below.

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