Check Out Egzod’s New Song “The Way Out” Which Features Bertie Scott

Egzod continues to surprise fans with the release of “The Way Out,” a new song featuring amazing vocalist Bertie Scott. Egzod has continually dominated the dance music business with major hits and inventive collaborations. In the jubilant EDM track “The Way Out,” Egzod explores the sense of “something slipping away,” offering a panoramic but detailed sonic experience.

The track builds to explosive drops and pulsating instrumentals before enveloping listeners in deep pounding bass, starry synths, and powerful vocals from the talented Bertie Scott. “The Way Out,” an overall stimulating and enjoyable tune, offers dance music and Egzod fans a range of listening experiences. Egzod’s new tunes, which will be featured at Firefly Music Fest and EDC Orlando soon, will give a “way out” to his fascinating musical visions.