Check Out “Bunker Buster” From Excision & Subtronics

Excision has long been considered a king, if not the king, of dubstep. In his own way, Subtronics has also been climbing the metaphorical royal ladder of the genre, blowing up to insane proportions after his collaboration with Griz, “Griztronics,” and then keeping the momentum going for the next three years until today, when the two release their debut collaboration. “Bunker Buster” is equal parts in your face bass and devilish wubs, calling upon all the most important elements of each producer’s repertoire. The first drop is dangerously filthy, hitting you with heavy bass and those familiar bass swoops. The second turns things around after a brief breaks lead, introduces a much swingier rhythm that complements the bombastic first drop while keeping the momentum of the track going.

“Writing a tune with Excision has been nothing short of a complete full-circle dubstep experience for me. I’ve seen his shows as a fan probably 15-20+ times way back before I started making solid music,” Subtronics said. “The opportunity to produce something with such an icon is nothing short of mind-blowing, not to mention, how ridiculously well our sound design complemented each other’s mixdowns. This was super fun to work on. Jeff is the king of kings.” Check out “Bunker Buster” below!