Chazo drills his Inescapable Artistry in Hip Hop by Capturing the Essence of the Genre to the Fullest

Whenever a new figure emerges in the rap scene, there’s an air of hope that maybe this one will stir a new excitement in the genre and artist Chazo’s music fulfills that expectation quite appropriately. The artist brings to the table his lyrics that finely describe his versatility and also his hypnotic persona. The New York hip hop artist Chazo raps in a way that is truly unbelievable and his songwriting is something that jumps of all boundaries to stand tall on its fun hooks.

His sense of rhythm is intimidating and sounds superbly refreshing to the ears. It is also nice and exciting to hear a rap song that doesn’t sound chaotic rather upholds the true charisma if hip-hop. The artist has gifted the genre with several eccentric tracks that feature his solid rap voice and also explores diverse instrumentals altogether. His genuineness acts as the glue to his songs and gives an incredible listening experience to his fans.

Few such infused tracks are ‘WorldGoRound’, ‘Doughboy’, ‘Reality Check’ and ‘Interlude Twenty – Twelve’ in which the rapper shows off his smooth word play based over a catchy melody line. Nothing feels out of place but remains perfectly fitted for mass consumption. His artistry feels like a rare show that appeals to the audience for its rawness and the lyrics ignore all conventional standards to flow with its distinctive energy. The artist purely thrives in his genuine passion and creativeness towards the genre and composes tracks that give out an unforgettable experience to the listener.

The songs are catchy, pumped up, energetic, and follow a consistent tempo throughout. In addition to all these, the rapper introduces his signature and hard-hitting style that gives us the reason why we love hip-hop. It’s safe to say that his contribution to the genre is a perfect illustration of his creativity.

Coming from the New York, Chazo owns his own Music publishing company named familyloyaltyOughtaWin Music and has also been featured in TheSource Magazine for his incredible artwork. Having worked with various other artists in the music industry as a songwriter, the rapper has polished his interesting sound design for years that has helped him to achieve his present stature. All his songs quickly click in the listener’s head and instantly become their go-to beats as they prepare to nod their heads consistently. Listen to his creations on Soundcloud and follow him on YouTube and Instagram for more engaging content.