Charlotte Tilbury Lucky Diamonds & Pillow Talk Diamonds Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches


Lucky Diamonds

Charlotte Tilbury Lucky Diamonds Pillow Talk Diamonds Lipstick is a medium, coppery base with lots of gold, copper, and pink sparkle and glitter particles paired with a high-shine finish. The base was more translucent–sheer as described–with a moderate dosage of sparkle and larger glitter pieces.

The product applied fairly evenly with a good dispersion of the sparkles and glittery bits, but it could have been more even, especially as some of the glittery bits clumped up in places (particularly wherever my lip lines were deeper). The texture was creamy, emollient, and a little overly slippery, and I could definitely feel the glitter in the tube when applied and to a lesser degree whenever I pressed my lips together. It wore well for three and a half hours and was lightly hydrating over time.

Pillow Talk Diamonds

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Diamonds Pillow Talk Diamonds Lipstick has a translucent, pale pink base with a semi-sheer to moderate amount of larger gold and pink sparkle and glitter pieces. It had sheer coverage, which was as described, and a healthy dose of sparkle/glitter paired with a high-shine, glossy finish.

The glossy finish was actually what made it harder to replicate in a lipstick formula, as most shades with this much sparkle tended to be more matte or metallic with higher coverage. The product applied evenly across my lips, and all of the sparkles/glittery bits dispersed well across my lips as well. The consistency was creamy with moderate slip and felt quite emollient–more like a lipstick and lip balm hybrid to me–but had decent wear at three to three and a half hours (with some sparkles lingering).

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the feel of glitter/texture in your lipsticks, I’d give this a skip, as it bordered on gritty during application, and I could feel the glitter when I pressed my lips together during wear (not enough to be bothersome to me during wear, though).