Charlotte Tilbury Lightgasm Glowgasm Face Palette Review & Swatches


Charlotte Tilbury Lightgasm Glowgasm Face Palette includes a pale gold highlight, light brown bronzer, peachy highlighting blush, and a gold-shimmered cotton candy pink blush. While my experience with gel-powder type formulas, including the Lovegasm palette (which shares the formula here), tend to have a firmer press (but no powderiness) and work best with moderately dense brushes (they are also hard to overdo unless you’re super heavy handed!)… this one went beyond that and entered into the territory where stiff/firm became negative descriptors. For two shades, I felt like they were pressed too firmly that it interfered with the ability to use the products easily with the blush being the hardest to use.


Lightgasm Highlight

Lightgasm Highlight is a bright, pale gold with warm, yellow undertones and a sparkling sheen. It had medium coverage that was buildable to mostly opaque pigmentation in two to three layers. The powder had a smooth, firmer texture, but I didn’t have any issues picking up product and blending it out on my skin. I’d recommend using a moderately dense brush with this shade (your typical tapered highlighting brush would work fine–I’d just stay away from a fan brush). It stayed on well for eight hours on me before it started to show signs of fading.

Lightgasm Multi-Glow

Lightgasm Multi-Glow is a light-medium peach with warm undertones and fine pink and gold shimmer. It had good color coverage in a single layer, which was buildable to full coverage. The consistency was smooth, firmer and denser so there was no powderiness, and it worked best with a slightly denser brush in order to pick up product evenly from the surface, which I find typical of this type of formula. The powder applied evenly and blended out seamlessly on my cheeks without emphasizing my skin’s natural texture. It lasted for eight hours on my cheeks before it started to fade a bit.


Charlotte Tilbury Lightgasm Bronze Glowgasm Bronze

Charlotte Tilbury Lightgasm Bronze Glowgasm Bronze

Lightgasm Bronze

Lightgasm Bronze is a light brown with soft, golden undertones and a satin sheen. It had medium, buildable pigmentation but a very, very firmly-pressed texture–more so than I’d expect even for the gel-powder type formula. I felt like if it wasn’t pressed so hard, it would be more pigmented, as I was able to jab at the surface and get nearly opaque coverage applied ton my skin. The powder blended out easily, though, and there was a subtle sheen that wasn’t shimmery but was a step above semi-matte. It wore well for eight hours on me before fading noticeably.

Lightgasm Pop Blush

Lightgasm Pop Blush is a medium, bluer-based pink base with warm, gold sparkle. It had sheer coverage that was buildable, but the texture was very firmly-pressed and needed more than just a denser brush or heavier hand–I had to really dig into the pan and work the powder off the surface before picking it up with a brush. It seemed to soften slightly after a few uses but was still overly stiff/firm where I felt I was sacrificing ease of use for that seamless blendability that you often get with the gel-powder hybrids. The color lasted nicely for eight and a half hours before showing signs of fading.