Charismatic rapper Lil Squid seizes all our attention on his new EP ‘Roll Da Dice’ with marvelous songs

The hottest rapper of Atlanta at present, Lil Squid brings scintillating hip hop beats with finely tuned rap verses in his new presentation, ‘Roll Da Dice’ EP. It is the hottest sensation of Atlanta hip hop scene, Lil Squid who wins the hearts of melophiles with the infectious rhythms and mind-blowing singles from his new EP ‘Roll Da Dice’ that was released on March 23, 2020, and currently streaming on all proactive platforms.

He is a master lyricist and phenomenal virtuoso in the art of trap music and gangster Rap who is rising from the dust at the horrifying time of global crisis to help his fans and endearing people of the world keep the peace of mind and sanity with catchy beats and positive musical notes. Lit House Records signed him to make this breakthrough performance for wild flair in music that has not flinched an inch even in such a crisis. His rap empire has grown exponentially with his famous single ‘Trippin’ that is still at the number one spot on BMS Radio Chicago on the top 40 charts.

Lil Squid recently dropped a music video of a hot single ‘Freestyle’ from his new EP ‘Roll Da Dice’ on youtube which is giving him strong ground to share his energetic vibes to the crowd. The playful lyrics of the songs from the EP have neoteric references and double entendre that keep your mind blogged and force you to have self-realization. He tries to pass on the positive notes in this hard time through his outstanding hip hop compositions that make him an outstrip rapper in the eyes of major music producers at present. His unprecedented style of presenting the truth and values cannot be outdone unless it is from him. In this little span of his geared musical career, he never took an intervention from the continuous learning that has made him a promising rapper, honing up his artistry in love and respect for music. Fine the new rapper on twitter and youtube with eclectic compositions.