Chanel Rouge Impulsif & Rouge Triomphal Rouge Allure Velvets

Rouge Impulsif (247)

Chanel Rouge Impulsif (247) Rouge Allure Velvet is a brighter, medium orange-coral with strong, warm undertones and a satin finish. It had nearly opaque pigmentation in one layer, which was buildable to full coverage. The texture was lightweight, thinner but not clingy, and more like a velvet-cream hybrid, so it had a bit of slip and creaminess but still felt a touch velvety. The product applied evenly to my lips and didn’t emphasize my lip texture noticeably, but it wasn’t as flattering as I know this formula has been (which can be more smoothing). It lasted well for four and a half hours and felt lightly hydrating over time.

Rouge Triomphal (257)

Chanel Rouge Triomphal (257) Rouge Allure Velvet is a brighter, medium-dark red with cooler, bluer undertones and a satin finish. It was just shy of full coverage in a single layer, which could be built up to full coverage. The lipstick applied evenly and smoothly across my lips without dragging, and the product didn’t gather in my lip lines; I felt like my texture and lip lines seemed slightly smoother. The consistency was lightweight, thin but not clingy, and not too slippery but had enough glide to apply easily. It wore nicely for six hours, left a faint stain behind, and felt lightly moisturizing.