Chanel Rouge Cosmique & Brun Solaire Rouge Allure Velvet La Cometes

Rouge Cosmique (148)

Chanel Rouge Cosmique (148) Rouge Allure Velvet La Comete is a brighter, medium-dark cherry red with cool undertones and a satin finish. The lipstick had a light, airy feel to it, with a velvety glide rather than a traditional creamy one, which helped it stay in place longer. It had opaque color coverage that applied evenly and didn’t draw attention to the texture of the lips. It lasted six hours and became more moisturizing over time.

Brun Solaire (158)

Chanel Brun Solaire (158) Rouge Allure Velvet La Comete is a medium-dark reddish-burgundy with warm undertones and a satin finish with a faint micro-glitter. It applied evenly and smoothly across my lips without dragging and had nearly opaque color payoff in a single stroke. The material was light, thin, and velvety, but it didn’t feel clingy on the skin. It stayed put for six hours, left a faint stain, and became more hydrating with time.