Chanel Rouge Audacieux & Rouge Fauve Rouge Allure Velvets

Rouge Audacieux (267)

Chanel Rouge Audacieux (267) Rouge Allure Velvet is a muted, deep red with neutral-to-warm undertones and a satiny sheen. It seemed to have barely-there pearl that gave it a slightly more luminous finish but did not appear overtly shimmery. The texture was lightweight, thin but not clingy, and smooth, so the lipstick glided comfortably across my lips but didn’t feel too slippery while worn. It stayed on nicely for five hours and felt lightly hydrating over time.

Rouge Fauve (277)

Chanel Rouge Fauve (277) Rouge Allure Velvet is a slightly muted, medium reddish-copper with subtle, warm undertones and a satin finish. It had rich color coverage that applied evenly and smoothly across my lips without tugging. The texture felt lightweight, more velvety but not too thick or too dense–much lighter-weight than most “velvety” textures–that sat well on my lips. It wore well for five hours and felt lightly moisturizing over time.