Chanel Rose Audacieux & Rose Impulsif Rouge Allure L’Extrait Lip Colours

Rose Audacieux (838)

Rose Audacieux (838) Rouge Allure L’Extrait Lip Colour by Chanel is a vibrant, deeper raspberry pink with faint, cold undertones and a satin finish. It had almost opaque pigmentation that went evenly across my lips, but it wasn’t as forgiving of lip texture/imperfections as other hues, yet it was still quite comfortable to apply and wear. It remained on for seven hours and left a little stain, and the makeup was hydrating to wear.

Rose Impulsif (844)

Chanel Rose Impulsif (844) Rouge Allure L’Extrait Lip Color is a pinky-coral with delicate, warm undertones and a cream finish. The texture was lightweight, creamy, and smooth with moderate firmness, which was tolerant of lip texture and wrinkles but caused some streaks around the outside borders owing to slide. It had opaque pigmentation that lasted about six hours and felt moisturizing after a while.